Betsy DeVos Caught Lying to Trump, Claims She Supports America First Candidates, Her Lies Debunked

    On July 15, The Gateway Pundit reported that the NeverTrump DeVos family was supporting anti-Trump candidates across Michigan, and were engaged in a variety of dirty tricks to try and select flawed Tudor Dixon as the Governor nominee.

    The NeverTrump DeVos family is led by Betsy DeVos, whom Trump appointed as Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos was the first cabinet secretary to resign in the wake of January 6th protest and suggested impeaching and removing Trump from office.

    Betsy wrote a letter to Trump saying that it is ‘fake news’ that she doesn’t support the President now. Your Gateway Pundit is going to expose that lying NeverTrumper is once again lying.

    The DeVos family spends a significant amount of money each year in Michigan politics, to control conservatives and ensure that only their candidates get into office. For decades they have punished real conservatives. Their network includes groups called the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP), the Freedom Fund, as well as associated PAC’s and other ‘dark money’ groups.

    This array of establishment political power and money tried to anoint NeverTrump Tom Leonard as Attorney General, and was furious that Trump-endorsed Matt DePerno won at the April Michigan Republican convention. Never in recent memory had the NeverTrump Republican establishment lost such a battle.

    For months, the NeverTrump DeVos network has been recruiting moderate Republicans and even Democrats, to become Republican precinct delegates so that they might re-take the Michigan Republican Party from pro-Trump forces. The DeVos network has also been trying to actively disqualify Matt DePerno as an Attorney General candidate so that they could install Tom Leonard in his place, a plan that they gave up only recently because they could not recruit enough liberals as Republican precinct delegates. DeVos money has been recruiting door-walkers for Trump Impeacher RINO Peter Meijer. One of the DeVos allies, corrupt former Party Chair Bobby Schostak even attempted a coup against the current pro-Trump state party leadership in May.

    Notably the DeVos network, and DeVos aligned RINO candidates like Tudor Dixon, refuse to publicly support Trump-endorsed statewide candidates Matt DePerno for Michigan Attorney General and Kristina Karamo for Michigan Secretary of State. The NeverTrump DeVos network hasn’t given a dime to either pro-Trump candidate or said anything positive publicly.

    But now the DeVos network has learned that they can’t win without President Trump, so they are trying to lie to him. Instead of trying to fight President Trump’s enormous power with the Republican base, they are trying to trick him into endorsing their candidate for Governor: Tudor Dixon.

    Almost all of Tudor Dixon’s finances come from the NeverTrump DeVos network, as noted by competing Governor candidate Garrett Soldano.

    Since receiving DeVos money and support, Dixon has refused to talk about election integrity and 2020 voter fraud. Prior to DeVos money, Dixon gave thoughtful answers on the topic, now she deflects the question by talking about the DeVos’ pet project: charter schools.

    Because of the intrepid reporting by the Gateway Pundit, explaining the on-the-ground situation in Michigan, news that was purposefully suppressed by Michigan media outlets, we can now also exclusively show the handwritten lying letter sent by NeverTrumper Betsy DeVos to America’s best President Donald J. Trump:

    This letter is an enormous lie and con by Betsy DeVos upon President Trump.

    The DeVos network is very clearly working against Trump-aligned candidates in Michigan. The DeVos network is unashamedly working to support Congressman Peter Meijer against Trump-endorsed John Gibbs. The DeVos network, via the Freedom Fund, endorsed and funded challengers to every Trump-endorsed state house candidate except two, one of whom doesn’t have a primary opponent. The DeVos network has lavishly funded the sitting Michigan Senator, Lana Theis, who signed onto the notorious McBroom report from May 2021, which called for prosecutions of those who were alleging fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Theis’ opponent is Trump-endorsed Mike Detmer.

    This claim by Betsy DeVos is such an obvious lie that almost every Trump-endorsed candidate signed onto a letter asking Trump to NEVER work with Betsy DeVos because of what damage she has done to the America First network, here is that letter:

    It’s so easy to prove the lies by Betsy DeVos it’s hard to know where to start.

    Here are Betsy DeVos’ six personal max-out donations against Trump-endorsed candidates in Michigan:

    Within the last month, Betsy DeVos personally gave easily traceable donations to Jeremiah Keeler over Trump-endorsed Angela Rigas, Brian BeGole over Trump-endorsed Kevin Rathbun, Greg Van Woerkom over Trump-endorsed Mick Bricker, Kim LaSata over Trump-endorsed Jonathan Lindsey, and Lana Theis over Trump-endorsed Mike Detmer. Betsy gave no money to Trump-endorsed incumbents Rep. Matt Maddock or Rep. Steve Carra. Betsy only gave money to Trump-endorsed Mike Hoadley, whose nephew used to work for the Freedom Fund.