Doocy Grills Jean-Pierre on Leaked Memo

    Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on Wednesday grilled White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on a leaked memo showing the DHS is bracing for violence if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade.

    “The unclassified May 13 memo by DHS’ intelligence arm says threats that followed the leak of a draft opinion — targeting Supreme Court Justices, lawmakers and other public officials, as well as clergy and health care providers — “are likely to persist and may increase leading up to and following the issuing of the Court’s official ruling.”” – Axios reported.

    Of course the threats of terrorism and violence are coming from the left, but the Democrat-media complex is claiming that conservatives will burn it down if the SCOTUS overturns Roe.

    The DHS memo also warned that white people may commit violence: “Some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists’ embrace of pro-life narratives may be linked to the perception of wanting to ‘save white children’ and ‘fight white genocide,’”

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    More about the leaked DHS memo from CBS’s Catherine Herridge:

    Peter Doocy specifically asked Karine Jean-Pierre if the threats are coming from pro-lifers or pro-baby killers.

    “Are these threats from pro-abortion activists or anti-abortion activists?” Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre.

    Jean-Pierre delivered a word salad and then said, “It seems like to us that it is very one-sided on what we call out as intimidation or as violence.”