Joe Biden Arrives at White House Late From Weekend Vacation, Has No Public Events Scheduled For Today

    Joe Biden on Monday arrived to the White House late for ‘work’ after a weekend vacation in Delaware.

    Biden didn’t take any questions from reporters after he returned from nearly a month off ‘work.’

    79-year-old Joe Biden has no public events scheduled for the day.

    They’re really going to try to hide him until the midterms.


    Biden’s handlers trotted him out for a bit last week.

    Biden delivered an unhinged speech at a DNC rally in Maryland on Thursday.

    The DNC rally took place at Richard Montgomery High School where Joe Biden spoke to a paltry crowd in the gymnasium.

    Biden began shouting out of no where as he wandered around lost.

    “I don’t respect these MAGA Republicans,” Biden shouted before taking off to Delaware.