Joe Biden Looks Totally Lost Walking Into Dinner Reception at Royal Palace in Madrid

    Another embarrassment.

    Joe and Jill Biden on Tuesday attended a dinner for Heads of State invited to the official NATO summit program at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain.

    It looks like Joe Biden was missing his notecards because he looked totally lost at dinner.

    Biden clutches his notecard

    Biden looked around confused as he walked into the dinner reception.

    No one was paying attention to him and he had no clue where to stand or where to go.

    Where is Nurse Jill?


    Joe Biden has been a total disaster this week during his trip abroad.

    G7 leaders know Biden’s mental faculties are no more and acted accordingly.

    Macron repeatedly lectured Biden and acted like his babysitter in Germany when Nurse Jill wasn’t around to take care of him.