Kamala Harris Giggles About Mar-a-Lago Raid Then Complains About Attacks on Law Enforcement After She Promoted Paying Bail for BLM Police Haters

    Kamala Harris is immature, totally underqualified, and dishonest.  

    Kamala Harris finally came out and said something about Mar-a-Lago.  But she couldn’t contain herself and started to giggle about it almost as soon as she started.

    Harris shared with a chuckle her feelings about the corrupt FBI raiding President Trump’s house on Monday.  Western Journal reports:

    “Well, as a former prosecutor I will tell you I don’t speak about anybody else’s case,” she told reporters with a chuckle. “But I have full confidence that the Department of Justice will do what the facts and the law requires.”

    Harris likely has no idea what the FBI even stands for.  It’s supposed to be a lawful organization but since the Obama years, the FBI has morphed into a criminal and communist-like Stasi organization that goes after political opponents of the corrupt Deep State.  This is why President Trump is being targeted and the majority of Americans knows it.

    Harris’s comments about standing up for law enforcement would be comical if this wasn’t such a serious matter.  She laughed about BLM and even supported and promoted a group that paid bail for those arrested destroying American cities and attacking innocent cops during the ‘summer of love’.

    President Joe Biden has not commented on the raid targeting former President Donald Trump’s home, with the only official word being that the White House was not aware of the FBI’s plans beforehand.