Migrants Take Taxpayer-Paid Vacations to San Diego Courtesy of DHS

    George Rodriguez, a Conservative Spanish Talk Show Host, and I conducted numerous interviews of illegal migrants, including hours of videotaping, providing the public insight into international human trafficking.  Of dozens of interviews, we have yet to identify any migrants that qualify for asylum.  The vast majority did not have sponsors and, thus, are homeless.  They are all economic immigrants.

    Unvetted illegal migrants are in our country using an unsecured bond with some future date for their asylum hearing.  San Antonio Mayor Nirenberg’s rhetoric says they are here legally.  The expulsion of illegal aliens would be like putting toothpaste back into the tube.

    Migrants Vacation at Taxpayers Expense

    One of the most outrageous stories is of a Venezuelan who crossed the Texas border illegally on July 22nd.  He was placed in a detention center for four days without processing.  Then he was flown with a group to San Diego, CA, with its miles of glorious beaches and idyllic year-round weather.  He stayed in a hotel while being processed and then flown back to San Antonio as a ward of the City.  (We failed to find out if he enjoyed the famous San Diego Zoo.)

    Swimming Lessons Not Included

    The typical rate charged by the cartels to cross the Rio Grande is $350. If the migrants don’t have enough, they will take what money they have. Those that can’t pay have to cross solo at their own peril. The cartels don’t guarantee safety based on the videos of distressed migrants crossing the river and daily drownings.

    Humanitarian Organizations’ false advertising

    We found in interviews that the UN heartily endorsed and supported migrants on their illegal journey to the US, even though migrants are at high risk for hunger, violence, and possible death. Also, chipping in as a supporting actor is Catholic Charities.

    Some migrants participated in large caravans that look like a poor man’s Rio Carnival led by the ultra-radical Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Towns Without Borders).  Also assisting with a similar name is Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) providing pharmaceuticals to combat diarrhea and infections.