Tucker Carlson on the Biden Administration Nightmare

    Tucker Carlson gave another one of his excellent introductions on Thursday night.  America has never seen anything like Joe Biden.

    Tucker Carlson began his program Thursday night with the following excellent summary of what is going on.

    So you can question whether Joe Biden got, what’s number, 81 million votes in the last presidential election.  Actually later in the show, we will.  But even if you accept that there actually were people that voted for Joe Biden voluntarily, it’s hard to believe that many of them got anything like what they expected in return for their votes.

    Joe Biden, not to be dark about it, but to be honest, turned out to be an unparalleled disasaster. It’s not an overstatement, in fact it’s a generous assessment.  Our country’s never seen anything like Joe Biden has done.

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    See Tucker’s intro below.