Utah GOP Rep. Curtis’s Field Director Submits Resignation Following Project Veritas Investigation

    Project Veritas Tuesday evening released undercover footage of Utah GOP Rep. John Curtis’s Field Director Daniel Stephens admitting the congressman hides his views on abortion from voters.

    Curtis isn’t a fan of the state’s “trigger law” that will effectively ban abortion if Roe v. Wade gets overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    However, Curtis won’t publicly state his stance since he’s running as a Republican.

    “He has not come out and stated it – that’s the problem when it comes to the Republican primary,” Stephens said.

    “He won’t win.”

    Stephens added that Curtis ran as a Republican because he believed it would be ineffective to run as a Democrat.

    “They just won’t vote for you.”

    On Wednesday, Daniel Stephens submitted his resignation as Rep. Curtis’s field director.

    “I would like to give you my resignation,” Stephens said in a phone call on Wednesday.


    “That’s unfortunate that I said that,” Stephens said.

    “That does associate Congressman Curtis with a negative image.