White House Releases Biden’s Spin Doctor COVID Update

    The White House released an update Saturday by Joe Biden’s personal spin Dr. Kevin O’Connor, D.O., claiming Biden’s symptoms were “less troublesome” but that he was experiencing new symptoms of body aches and a sore throat. The statement said Biden most likely has the BA5 strain which is dominant in the U.S. at present.

    “His primary symptoms, though less troublesome, now include sore throat, rhinorrhea, loose cough and body aches. His voice remains deep. His pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature remain entirely normal.”

    O’Connor also said Biden was continuing to take Tylenol and use an inhaler. He did not give specifics on Biden’s temperature as he did on Friday that caused controversy over the truthfulness of updates from the White House.

    The mention Friday that Biden was using an inhaler was news to reporters.

    As was the White House spin that Biden was given Tylenol for “discomfort” after O’Connor specially said in Friday’s statement it was given to reduce Biden’s temperature.