Wisconsin Special Counsel GOES OFF on Leftist Group

    If Democrats are so certain that Joe Biden “won the 2020 election fair and square — why are they always blocking investigations and audits and harassing investigators?

    Leftist groups and liberal judges are targeting and harassing Special Counsel Michael Gableman for his investigation of the 2020 Wisconsin election.

    Wisconsin is famous for dropping over a hundred thousand unexplained votes in the middle of the night to give Joe Biden a lead over Donald Trump in the presidential election.

    Since he was hired as Special Counsel in the state’s election investigation former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman has been hounded by the liberal press, leftist groups and far-left judges.

    On Friday Justice Michael Gableman was called into court to testify in a sham case by the far-left group American Oversight to provide public records related to his review of the 2020 election.

    During his testimony, Gableman lashed out at Judge Frank Remington for being a partisan “advocate.” After he was done Judge Remington held him in contempt.